3T THURSDAY 1/21/2021


Another week has come and gone and your FAVORITE day is here again...3T Thursday ;). Next week will be one of our first milestones as The Do Good Project (hitting ten published episodes, woo!). We thought it would be fun to commemorate this upcoming milestone by reflecting on our previous guests. So our 3T’s for this week are bringing us back to some knowledge our guests have dropped on our show.


1. “An important thing to do is to network and to collaborate with anybody else that you can find that serves the same population...There is enough need to go around, you don’t need to compete.” Cathie Cummins Episode 3

Stay focused on the goal of being helpful, and recognize when another force can be aligned with your own to create even MORE impact! It’s not about you, it’s about who you’re serving.

2. "To have a guide that can help set up an organization correctly, and frame it correctly for long term success, is invaluable.” Ron Klabunde Episode 4

Going into a project with someone who has gone before you, and who can help direct your steps makes things a whole lot easier than trying to figure it all out by yourself.

3.“There’s like ten different ways to get to an answer and if you make “that” mistake then that’s your learning opportunity.” Aaron Ray-Dykstra Episode 6 Don’t get down on yourself if something doesn’t work out the way you planned. Pick yourself back up and rework your approach!

This Week’s Episode - Backstage #2 Our Faith in a Secular Space, Mental Health, & More RV Mishaps. Get some more behind-the-scenes from The Caffreys!


On Tuesday 1/26/2021 we are highlighting a different angle on the non-profit space. Breauna Dorelus has a business that helps nonprofits and their volunteers called Connecting the Cause. We talk about the gaps Breauna has seen in the volunteer space and her views on the way race plays into the nonprofit world. Listen next week for some perspectives that challenged us!

With Love,

The Caffreys

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