3T THURSDAY 1/28/2021


Hey Guys! This week we are diving into some quotes from the book Toxic Charity by Robert Lupton. Full disclosure, we have not actually read the book BUT it is now on our reading list after being recommended to us by our most recent podcast guest! Funny, because we reached out to interview Robert for an organization he started and did not know he wrote a book; THEN a different guest suggested it to us. So looks like a sign for us to invest FULLY in these pages!


1. “Giving to those in need what they could be gaining from their own initiative may well be the kindest way to destroy people.”

Creating dependency instead of promoting self sufficiency is the opposite effect you want to make when helping others and a community. Such a great thing to keep in mind when serving!

2“Getting to know community leaders first requires us to listen and respect indigenous leadership and learn the dreams of the people. And be willing to have our own ideas transformed.”

Understanding our own ideas may not be the most effective is super important; coming into communities with a posture of being a student to their needs.

3.“...it is far better to enter the neighborhood as a learner than an initiator.” People within the community are experts on the needs of their community; we have to learn to respect their knowledge and put that knowledge at the forefront of decision making.

This Week’s Episode - Race and Saviorism in the Nonprofit Space with Breauna Dorelus, Founder and Chief Cause Consultant at Connecting the Cause


Misty Hughes founder of The Single Mom KC is our guest for next week! Tune in on, or after, Tuesday 2/2/2021 to learn how this organization helps to uplift single mom families in the Kansas City area.

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