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Hey Team! For this Thursday I’m sharing a podcast episode from The School of Greatness, hosted by Lewis Howes. On this show he interviews the founder of the nonprofit, charity: water, Scott Harrison. Charity: water is one of the most successful nonprofits, with millions of donations each year and putting water wells in daily for developing nations. You should watch/listen to the interview but here are a few notable quotes from Scott.


1. “If I had to pick one factor for our success...it’s storytelling, we built a culture of storytellers. Ya know, people don’t respond to facts and statistics.”

If you have a nonprofit or a cause you are trying to get traction for, don’t just throw statistics and numbers at people. It’s hard to grasp what those numbers reflect in real life. But sharing a story that tugs on heartstrings gets people listening and caring.

2. “So much more important than what anyone does, is how they do it...doing things with integrity, doing things with honor, being willing to make the hard decisions that allow you to sleep well at night…”

Part of charity: water’s “business model” is to be transparent in everything, even when a project doesn’t work out. Scott keeps his donors in the loop of the organization’s ups and downs, building complete trust.

3. “So it’s really a never ending pursuit, but if the pursuit is not in selfishness, if the pursuit is a pursuit of the benefit of others, it feels different...you can find a real joy and a release in that.” Although solving the water crisis globally sounds like an exhausting and defeating task, Scott reminds us that when you’re doing good and making a difference in another’s life, you do not feel defeated but uplifted and hopeful that a positive change is being made.

This Week’s Episode - "Finding Purpose Through Pain" with Nikki Speer, co- founder of Redefined Courage


Our guests next week are Phil Johnson (founder) and Ken Jones (chairman) of the organization Hope to Walk. They help provide free prosthetics around the world. Learn how they do this, and listen on Tuesday 1/12/2021!

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