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Hello again, Do Good Team! Our Tools, Tactics, and Tips for week two are straight from “Everything Is Figureoutable” by MarieTV’s Marie Forleo. This book was gifted to me (Kendra) by Collin about a year ago and I finally got after it and finished it! Here are some takeaways…


1. “Writing down your dream forces you to be clear and specific about what you want. Ambiguity is the enemy of accomplishment.” Have an idea for a non-profit you want to start? Want to expand on your current non-profit in another way but are not sure how? Do you dream of going to South America and assisting a charity in the Andes but don’t have the money to go? First step - WRITE IT DOWN. Marie reiterates, “...you’re 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down,”. 2. “Every dream must be chunked down and clarified in order to get started...you must convert your dream into something specific, measurable, and actionable.” Instead of having the ultimate goal of “start a non-profit” break it into smaller pieces. Say you will write a mission statement by the end of the week, you will find a building you would like to pursue for your organization headquarters by the end of the month, or you will reach out to possible people to be on your board by the end of the day. Making smaller steps will make the end goal seem more tangible and less daunting! 3. “Get skin in the game. Find a way to put your time, money, and/or ego on the line.” If you, personally, aren’t willing to invest in your idea, non-profit, or movement, how do you expect others to? This will add legitimacy to your organization and helps you push harder to get it going.


Our guests next week are Phil Johnson (founder) and Ken Jones (chairman) of the organization Hope to Walk. They help provide free prosthetics around the world. Learn how they do this, and listen on Tuesday 12/15/2020!

Hoping you have a GREAT weekend helping others in your unique way!

With Love,

The Caffreys


The Do Good Project

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