3T Thursday 2/18/2021


Do Gooders! Welcome back to another 3T Thursday. We wanted to take a moment to update you on a recent change: we started our “Give Back Initiative” last week! This initiative gives you an opportunity to support our guests and their causes while also helping The Do Good Project to continue.

How it works: go to www.thedgproject.org/donate, scroll down to and click on the “click to donate” button, then in the comments section enter the episode number and guest name of where you would like your donations to go. 50% of proceeds will go to the organization of your choosing and 50% will go to support The Do Good Project podcast.

Donations to The Do Good Project go directly to gas money for Mavis the RV and Rooney the Mini Cooper, in order to meet with our interviewees. All guests (excluding Breauna’s for-profit from Episode 10) are a part of this initiative! So to celebrate we are once again quoting some of our fantastic guests to jog your memory!


1.“Where is my purpose, in money? Or is my purpose, when I finally go to help as many people as possible walk again?” Phil Johnson of Hope to Walk Episode #8

Phil found his purpose in making prosthetic legs for free, for those in developing nations that cannot afford them. The organization is giving people around the globe hope that they can walk again.

2. “As a leader, the best place we can be is transparent, vulnerable, and real.” Misty Hughes of The Single Mom KC Episode #11

Through heartache and growth, Misty found the best way to lead was to be exactly who she was. The organization she founded gives single moms community and resources to help raise their families well.

3. “With faith in God, some ideas, and some fabulous people around you, it CAN work.” Nikki Speer of Redefined Courage Episode #7 Nikki created this organization after making a promise to her late mother; and now her organization makes and ships comfortable and practical shirts for women fighting breast cancer, post mastectomy, all over the nation.

This Week’s Episodes - Age is Just a Number, It’s Never Too Late with Charles and Carol Loper, Founders of Grace Bridge and The Master Cares; and Carter Morris CEO of Grace Bridge Tomorrow (Friday February 18) our third Backstage Episode will be posted!


On Tuesday 2/23/2021 we speak with Nick Price. As a high school student, Nick found out he had a brain tumor many surgeons told him was inoperable. Listen next week to hear how Nick not only beat the odds in his own life, but then dedicated his time to helping families going through the challenges that his had. At age 21, he is our youngest guest so far!

With Love,

The Caffreys


The Do Good Project

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