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Hi Do Good Gang! One of the themes we keep hearing throughout our interviews with all of these INCREDIBLE world changers, is how difficult fundraising in the nonprofit space can be. Asking for money for ANYTHING is uncomfortable right? Even if that “thing”is for the benefit of others. In this TED Talk, Kara Logan Berlin talks about “3 Ways to be a More Effective Fundraiser”. Here are some highlights…


1. “If you want to be good at raising money, you have to be able to reframe the ask, both for yourself and for other people, as an opportunity.”

Giving people the chance to take part in the cause you and your team are working towards is an honor for others to do if they also believe in that mission.

2. “I want them to fund our work, I do. But I also want them to have a really meaningful experience as a donor, so that they feel like we’re partners and not an ATM…”

Get to know potential donors and the things that they value. How could this be a partnership in which each party is benefiting?

3. “...you have to be prepared to build some relationships. People give to people, they don’t just give to ideas.” Trust, respect and investments (time, energy. money) are often reserved for our closest circle within our personal lives. That idea correlates in the nonprofit realm as well. Give donors a chance to build trust and respect towards you and your cause in order to feel comfortable investing in it.

This Week’s Episode - Building Your Non-Profit at Sea: You Don’t Need to Have all the Answers, with Misty Hughes, Founder of The Single Mom KC.


Louis Yuhasz is our guest next week! He is the founder of Louie’s Kids, an organization helping to fight the epidemic of childhood obesity in our nation. Louis has appeared on shows like Oprah and Rachael Ray, so we are pretty amped he was able to be interviewed on The Do Good Project Podcast. Can’t wait for you all to hear!

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