3T Thursday 3/11/2021


Hey guys! This week we are taking a break from our typical "tools, tactics and tips" in order to introduce the new members of The Do Good Project team. We are SO EXCITED to be growing and gaining super valuable members with unique strengths. So, please welcome Katie Olson and Andy Matott!

Katie Olson Board Member Katie is an outgoing nurse that is rooted in Grand Junction, Colorado, and loves spreading joy to the patients she cares for in the hospital. She is also a young adults leader at Canyon View Church and spends her weekends discipling to the youth in her community. ​ When Katie is not at the hospital or in church she can be found adventuring in the great outdoors, while constantly smiling and laughing. She desires to love everyone radically within every walk of life. ​

Andy Matott Board Member Andy Matott is a native of Denver and has spent her life investing in youth as a teacher, a volunteer, and a leader in an area non-profit. With her husband of 35 years, Justin, she has two sons, two daughters-in-law, and four grandchildren who are their greatest joy! Andy has known Collin and Kendra for several years and is delighted to be a part of the Do Good Project team as a board member.

Thank you Andy and Katie for joining the crew and taking the time to help make this a more impactful and powerful space! Wishing everyone a great weekend ahead! With Love, The Caffreys


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