3T Thursday 3/25/2021


TWENTY EPISODES PUBLISHED! This week The Do Good Project hit this milestone and we are beyond excited. In order to celebrate, we are doing another "look back" and taking some quotes from previous guests on the podcast.

TOOLS, TACTICS, & TIPS 1. "What does it look like for you to give out of possibility versus out of pity?" Breauna Dorelus Episode 10 2. "Accepting help from somebody is not a weakness...it's making you stronger because you're gaining teammates." Nick Price Episode 15 3. "Being there consistently for people may possibly be more important than actually helping them." Scot Benton Episode 17

THIS WEEK'S EPISODE: The Gift of Presence with Ian and Ruthie North, Founders of Presencia in Atlanta, Georgia

NEXT WEEK... On Tuesday March 30th we will share our conversation with Matt Armbruster. Along with his wife, Tara, Matt founded Ransom Ministries to help formerly incarcerated individuals get jobs and transition back into life outside of jail.


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