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Hi friends! This week we are focusing on an interview of renowned speaker and life coach Tony Robbins, by Inc Magazine’s editor James Ledbetter. It is a video format interview entitled, Tony Robbins on the Psychology and Skills of Exceptional Leaders. Tony Robbins created himself to be a master in leadership, and so can you.


1.“What will free you as a leader, is recruiting other leaders. That’s what allows an organization to grow.”

Instead of thinking there can only be one leader and a bunch of followers, Tony states how important it is to recruit people better than you, who can lead in areas you aren’t as versed in.

2. “In order to influence people, you have to know what already influences them.”

An approach that appeals to one person, won’t appeal to everybody. Get to know: donors, volunteers, employees on an individual level.

3.“Success leaves clues, if you find someone who’s a great leader, the best thing you could possibly do is, go model that person.” Take years of research and work out of the equation by mimicking a process or idea that’s already been proven to work!

This Week’s Episode - From Wheelchairs to Waterskis: Riding the Waves of Life’s Trials with John and DiAnna Lipscomb of Ann’s Angels Adaptive Waterski Foundation.


Next Tuesday we will be publishing our interview with Scot Benton, founder of The Bicycle House Tallahassee. Scot shares his story of rebuilding his life after enduring a traumatic brain injury due to a car accident that left him in a coma for three months. Starting this organization is where he found new meaning and purpose for his second chance at life.

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