3T Thursday 4/1/2021


Good Morning Do Gooders! For our quotes this week, we are taking them from a book Matt Armbruster (this week’s guest) wrote about his life journey and lessons through his years of service. His book is entitled “Life Outside the Boat” and is available on Amazon if you want to check it out!

TOOLS, TACTICS, & TIPS 1. “It’s better to do something small and realistic on a regular basis than make a large commitment you can’t fulfill. It’s also better to do something small than nothing at all.” 2. “We so often make the mistake of believing poverty means people need money or things, but most people who find themselves in poverty get there by not having a support system. To truly help those in need rise out of poverty, donate yourself, not just your stuff.” 3. “Contact the organization you want to serve and ask them what no one on their staff has time to do. This is a great way to serve one time and really make a difference.”

THIS WEEK'S EPISODE: Reprogramming People and Restoring Futures with Matt Armbruster, Founder of Ransom Ministries

NEXT WEEK... In our next episode we speak with Tara Armbruster (Matt Armbruster’s wife!). She is the Executive Director of McKemie Place; the only emergency overnight shelter for unaccompanied women in Southwest Alabama. What a dynamic duo this couple is!


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