3T Thursday 4/15/2021


Happy Thursday friends! Last week we touched on some of “the problem” of poverty alleviation, as lined out in the book When Helping Hurts. This week our quotes (from the same book) are focused on things to do and to avoid to ensure we don’t unintentionally add to the problem.

TOOLS, TACTICS, & TIPS 1. “If local people and organizations are able and willing to help those in the crisis, then stay away! The local people will typically have a better understanding of the best way to get the job done.” 2. “‘Aid workers must possess appropriate qualifications, attitudes, and experience to plan and effectively implement appropriate assistance programs...top-down, “I-am-here-to-save-you” attitudes can seriously undermine the development of the recipients’ initiative and stewardship.”’ 3."...there is a good rule of thumb that is extremely useful in cutting through a lot of the complexity: Avoid Paternalism. Do not do things for people that they can do for themselves.”

THIS WEEK'S EPISODE: Decades and Dollars: Dreaming for Others with Mary Kitchens (founder) and Tanya Mohawk (director) of Mississippi’s Toughest Kids.

NEXT WEEK... On Tuesday April 20th, we talk with Shelby Parsons (founder) and Holly Smith (board member) of Big House Books. This is a books to prisoners organization based in Jackson, Mississippi.


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