3T Thursday 4/22/2021


This Thursday we are diving into the documentary Poverty Inc. This film takes interviews from people around the globe assessing the way foreign aid can negatively impact a country when not done correctly or with lack of local knowledge. This was super insightful for us and hopefully it is for you too!

TOOLS, TACTICS, & TIPS 1. “...for people who have money or who give aid, they feel good that they’re helping. But, the best way to help, is to help people be able to stand on their own.” Paul Kagame President of Rwanda 2.“I have never heard of a country that developed on aid...I know about countries that developed on trade, and innovation, and business. I don’t know of any country that got so much aid and then suddenly became a first world country...so the track is wrong.” Herman Chinery-Hesse Entrepreneur in Ghana 3.“Make no mistake, I am not against humanitarian aid. Of course if something, a disaster, happens, we better rally and help each other. But when humanitarian aid becomes a way of life, then we all have a big problem.” Magatte Wade

THIS WEEK'S EPISODE: Convict, Inmate, Prisoner...Human with Shelby Parsons and Holly Smith of Big House Books.

NEXT WEEK... On Tuesday we share our coversation with Jarvis Ward, President and CEO of The Pearson Foundation 39208. This is an after school mentorship program in Pearl, Mississippi.


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