3T Thursday 4/29/21


Over TWENTY FIVE episodes published and many more to come! We are so humbled looking back on everyone we have had the pleasure of meeting and learning from. Let's do another guest look back on this fine Thursday.

TOOLS, TACTICS, & TIPS 1. “You can’t be it, if you can’t see it.” LaTonya Gates on why she sees so much value in getting kids out of their own neighborhoods and showing them more possibilities. Episode 18 2.“The scale of your work should match your affection.” Ian North explaining why Presencia aims for depth in the organization and not necessarily expansion. Episode 20 3.“If you don’t know your limits, you don’t have limits.” Mary Kitchens telling us how starting to build a $16 million camp for the disabled did not scare her off. Episode 23

THIS WEEK'S EPISODE: Never Underestimate the Power of Sacrificial Service with Jarvis Ward Executive Director of The Pearson Foundation in Pearl, Mississippi.

NEXT WEEK... Girl Power! Next Tuesday we have FOUR ladies representing Gaitway Therapeutic Horsemanship on the show. Gaitway is an equine therapy center near Baton Rouge, LA.


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