3T Thursday 5/13/21


Hey crew! Happy Thursday. This week we are doing something different and giving a shoutout for all of the wonderful Do Good Project donors that have made this podcast possible. We are so grateful to have such a supportive group of listeners, family and friends. The money donated goes directly towards gas to get us to our interviews around the country and potentially for podcast equipment if anything ever needs replaced. Again, THANK YOU for all of the continued support, whether fiscally or with your kind words of encouragement; they both fuel The Do Good Project to continue and are SO valued.

THANK YOU DONORS Sharon and Jerry Hyrkas Marjorie Jackson Julianne and Jeff Adams Cooper Anderson Kate Draeger Breynden Bellows Deborah and Steve Block Colleen and Schuyler King Katie and Mike McElroy Diane and Don Mueller Chris and Kathy Wolfe Suzanne and Bill Zisch Steve and Shelly Kocka Scott and Kim Gibler Dave and Linda Anderson Steve and Susan Boulka Joseph Caffrey and Marion Slocum Jamie Cross John Budd Steve and Teresa Caffrey Mark and Kendra Schichtel Patricia Appel Emi Anderson Kate Kennedy

THIS WEEK'S EPISODE: This Bike's for ME? with Andrew McLindon fouder of The McLindon Family Foundation in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

NEXT WEEK... We highlight Brave Heart Children in Need based in Baton Rouge, LA. They work with the foster care system and give care packages and hygeine products to kids who are removed from their homes. You won't want to miss it!


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