3T THURSDAYS - 12/24/2020


Merry Christmas Eve friends! This Thursday we are sharing one AMAZING resource for anybody who is at the beginning stages of their non-profit or seriously thinking about starting one soon. Collin and I came across Amber Smith on our trip through North Carolina.

Amber is a Founder and Executive Director of Activate Good. She has a YouTube channel geared specifically towards helping YOU. We have been gleaning SO MUCH wisdom from her and just HAD to share with you guys. The video we are taking pointers from this time around is “Starting a Nonprofit? 3 Things You MUST do First”.


Where to start with your mission is a stressful and intimidating topic. Amber breaks this process down into three main components to really hone in on during this time... 1. You have to understand the need...do your RESEARCH Who is affected by this problem? What are the root causes of this issue? What other issues are interconnected to that problem? 2. Study the landscape of OTHER organizations. Is someone already doing what you want to and are they being effective? How can we put our non-profit out of business? (because SOLVING the problem is the goal!) 3. Create your business STRATEGY How could this organization be financially sustainable? How will you/can you measure progress towards this goal?

This Week’s Episode - Backstage: Wedding, RV Living, and COVID. Get a little behind-the-scenes from The Caffreys!


Our guest for episode #6 (12/29/2020) is Aaron Ray-Dykstra, Founding Director of The Making Foundation and Maker Mart. He is working to give kids in his community the skills to attain trade jobs AND show them that there are alternative routes for school/college for those who are not able to go the “typical” route. We can’t wait to share this conversation!

Have a FANTASTIC Christmas/Holiday weekend! Enjoy this season of GIVING.

With Love,

The Caffreys


The Do Good Project

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